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Air Quality Control
What are you breathing?  It is a good question to ask ourselves. All of us face a variety of risks to our health as we go about our day-to-day lives.  As Canadians, we spend close to 90% of our time inside; at home, at work and in recreational environments.  Most people, however, are unaware of the effects that poor air quality can have on their health.   Some risks are simply unavoidable. The good news is, indoor air pollution is one risk that you can do something about.

Frosty’s Heating and Cooling offers air quality products that will purify, eliminate, ventilate, humidify and filtrate the air you breath in your home.

Air Purifiers
The basic design of an air purification system is simple. A fan draws room air through a filter, expelling the filtered air back into the environment. Gradually, the purifier cycles all the air in the room through the filter, clearing it of allergens such as dust, spores, and smoke. Most purifiers use replaceable filters that must be changed regularly for the purifier to remain effective.

HEPA Filters
HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Air) filter removes many air born allergens and irritants such as pollen, dirt, pet dander, viruses and mold.  These particles can be very small and therefore easily ingested in our lungs.  HEPA filtration system is designed to capture the smallest contaminants and keep them from recirculating back into the home's air. 

MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rates the ability of an air cleaner filter to remove particles from the air as it passes though the filter.  MERV is a standard used to measure the overall efficiency of a filter, and is rated 1 to 16 (16 being hospital inpatient/surgery grade), and measures a filter’s ability to remove particles from .30 to 10 microns in size (100 microns is about the thickness of a human hair).